Wednesday, April 12, 2017

#720 Slatland- Rebecca Lee

#720 Slatland- Rebecca Lee

At age eleven, Margit was having depression issues but she didn’t know where they came from. Her parents sent her to see a professor of child psychology for a therapy session. This very peculiar man, knew exactly what the problem was and taught her how to literally rise above herself and allow her to see things more clearly.

“For every situation there is a proper distance. Growing up is just a matter of gaining perspective. Sometimes you just need to jump up for a moment, a foot above the earth. And sometimes you need to jump very far.” 

For twenty years, this technique she learned in one session proved to work wonders on any snag in her life. The larger the problem the higher she had to lift up to gain the proper perspective. One day she came across a problem she thought was too big to fix using her special ability. She had to go back for a little fine-tuning.

Such a unique story!

Notable Passage: “Oddly enough, the signs indicating that a man is in love with another woman are often similar to the signs of an immigrant in a new country, his heart torn in two.”

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